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We exist to create the best in cutting edge design, develop solid products, and interact with the greatest number of people for an end product uniquely yours. The Nyberg Group, helps companies in many ways via web, print, animations, video, and elearning, and it was all explained using TRIO…“Trio” is typically 3 things but in this case…it’s 4 things!


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The small, part-time business Scott & Linette Nyberg started some 20+ years ago has evolved over time. Today The Nyberg Group is a full-service design, development, interactive company. In 1992, NYBS Video Productions was formed to make small sports highlight films for local teams in Central Iowa. In 1995, without a job or place to live, Scott & Linette moved to St. Louis to work with some friends in the video industry until 2000. About then, Scott took his first flash course and Linette had realized her passion for design. No longer a video shop, the name changed to SLNyberg Creative.

Newly minted “The Nyberg Group”, the business is now a full-time endeavor, partnering with some of the most talented people we have met over the years. We now provide solutions in all areas of print, web, video, animation, elearning, and social media. Large and small companies, individuals, and non-profits all deserve the same consistent service, and at The Nyberg Group, we intend to make that our goal. We look forward to hearing from you.

Website design and development is one of many marketing tools The Nyberg Group uses to get companies to a better place. We design and develop information, database driven, and ecommerce websites all uniquely put together for you.

Check out our 950VS and 1750WS website products for a low cost website option but still have all the functions of a customized site. Video and animation are great tools to show a unique message in a short amount of time. Check out our creative design section of the website for logo, digital and print ideas to complete your branding.

Elearning is one of many tools The Nyberg Group uses to get companies to a better place. We can consult with you to come up with the best Learning Management solution as well as produce the courses that will go on your LMS. We provide full production capabilities and years of experience to help you.

Please contact us for more information by calling 314.440.8342 or email at Be sure to sign-up for our blog post notifications to get tips, tricks and updates on what The Nyberg Group is up to.

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