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Our Team

Experience and Trust Counts

The Nyberg Group teams up with some of the most creative and experienced individuals to provide you with well-rounded service to provide a product you will will be happy with.

“Our Group” consists of experienced people we have worked with, vetted through projects we have finished, and have a great reputation in the industry.

We trust them so much that if we placed a $100 bill on a table and left, we know it would be there when we returned…there may very well be some money added to it! (well all except maybe Gary…you have to watch those creative types!)

Linette Nyberg
Scott Nyberg
Rich Roden - TwoFour Creative
Gary Currant - Currant Design
Illustrator/Logo Design
Andy Turner - Story Point Films
Nick Yepez - CEOToolSuite
Hosting / Business Intelligence / Infrastructure
Kris Risner- Avahi Design
Design / WordPress / Backend Development
Vincent Soriano
WordPress / Backend Development
Ashley Behr - Vivial
SEO / SEM / Google Adword / Social Media
Rodney Shrum - Ameritext
Text Media Marketing
Kristin Sadler - Peacock and Pen
Professional Writer

Trusted by national clients

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