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Heartland Centers

Juley 2015: Completed a 950 Vertical Scroll Site with a unique design seen on every devise for the Heartland Centers of Saint Louis University of St. Louis, MO.

Site Details

The Heartland Center of Saint Louis University took advantage of the responsive design 950VS product for a brand new website as a splash page to their new Learning Management System. The Nyberg Group gave the Heartland Centers a site that helps navigate users to the corrects areas of the LMS.

This site incorporated the following:

  • Unique visual design
  • Developed html5 responsive design vertical scroll site
  • A mobile compliant site seen on every device without issue
  • Large hero image with many options to choose from
  • Google Analyics

Added Value

Website design and development is one of many marketing tools The Nyberg Group uses to get companies to a better place. We design and develop information, database driven, and ecommerce websites all uniquely put together for you.

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